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Floating Hose Repairs

Floating Hose Repairs

Belzona products offer high adhesive properties on rubber and can offer the same durability as the existing hose.


What makes us different?

Cost Effectiveness

  • One of the key features of Belzona products for Floating Hose Repairs is their ability to protect and return the hoses into serviceable conditions in a prompt and timely manner.
  • Belzona products are able to refurbish damaged sealing flange faces quickly and without the need for welding and on-site machining techniques.

Ease of Use and Safety

  • Belzona products are cold applied simply with hand tools.


  • Belzona Elastomers for rubber repairs accommodate flexing and are impermeable to seawater and most hydrocarbons.
  • Belzona products are abrasion resistant.

Why does it work?

Belzona products offer high adhesive properties on rubber and can offer the same durability as the existing hose.

Product used for repair of internal linings contains ceramic fillers which offer high protection against the effects of erosion-corrosion.

Due to Belzona's range of multi-purpose Elastomeric Polymers, we are able to repair both small and large defects. We are also able to ensure high quality repairs onto vertical surfaces

Belzona Solution is faster, safer, easier and requires no specialised tools.


Floating hoses can represent a significant expense for operators, as the rubber, internal surfaces and flange faces can often be damaged due to impact damage and corrosion. If damage is not addressed at an early stage it can lead to loss of buoyancy and ultimately catastrophic fuel/oil spillage with potentially costly implications including:

  • Environmental damage
  • Health and safety hazards
  • Downtime
  • Clean up and disposal costs
  • High repair or replacement costs

Environmental Damage

Failure or damage to any part of a floating hose which is not addressed at an early stage may cause oil/fuel spillages which can cause serious damage to the environment and therefore end in financial consequences.

Traditional Maintenance Challenges

Traditional repair methods would involve hot vulcanising which can be time consuming. Alternatively the equipment would be replaced which can lead to high costs.

Traditionally, hot vulcanising is a difficult job which requires special equipment, high temperatures and can only be done by highly skilled and experienced personnel.

It is therefore essential that any solution provider can address all of these challenges so that the equipment can be back in service within a few hours.


With over 55 years experience, Belzona’s systems and techniques have allowed us to develop repair composites and overcome the traditional difficulties related to this application such as replacement of damaged equipment or hot vulcanisation process.

Many companies across the world benefit greatly from Belzona’s solutions in addressing problems that can occur including;

  • Leaking flanges
  • Erosion-corrosion attack
  • Torn and damaged rubber
  • Impact
  • Abrasion
  • Constant environmental attack

The effectiveness of Belzona Solutions for Floating Hose Repairs, as well as our general maintenance solutions have been proven through these applications resulting in prolonged equipment life, avoiding high replacement costs and minimising downtime, reducing life-cycle cost of ownership and avoiding the need for specialised vulcanising equipment.

To find out more about Belzona products, please contact one of our technical support consultants or your local distributor for information.